Corporate Responsibility

Along with our environmental initiatives, Alloga UK is a socially responsible employer and we endeavour to treat all our employees with respect and courtesy, providing them with a safe and stimulating environment in which to flourish. We encourage our people to fulfil their potential by providing skills and development training. We offer a comprehensive range of training and development for our staff at all levels, from driver training and warehouse skills through to executive leadership and management programmes.

The health, safety and welfare of our employees is of fundamental importance to us. We have an active health and safety committee, chaired by our HSE Manager which looks at risk management, workplace safety and works with our people to develop a “safety first” culture.

Under the present health and safety legislation, Alloga UK has a duty to ensure the health and safety of its employees and any other person affected by its work. Alloga UK's stated policy objective is:

“…to seek to provide the safest and healthiest working conditions as are reasonably practicable for all its employees and to enlist the support of all staff towards achieving these ends. Whilst it is the duty of management to take every reasonable step to meet these objectives, in the final analysis, safety is the responsibility of each and every individual within the Company and we look to everybody to play his or her part.”

Alloga UK Policy Objective

Operational Excellence

Alloga UK has a highly experienced and committed team focused on exemplary service levels and client satisfaction.

We are not just a pre-wholesaler, but are positively seen by our clients as an intrinsic part of their business.

  • Dedicated teams that embrace right first time every time.
  • Superb facilities supported by highly developed SOPs.
  • Long-serving, well trained teams that understand our clients' business.
  • Flexible resource levels especially during workload peaks.
  • Our implementation team has the experience and expertise to ensure a successful transfer and “go live”.