Technical Solutions

Alloga UK’s IT solutions take our services beyond our competitors - whether it's access to data through Alloga UK’s Partner Portal, the ability to view tracking details through Partner Portal's Track and Trace features, our ability to create data interfaces, or the creation of various other web services.

“...light years ahead of our previous partner; it's refreshing to see.”

Head of Finance, Galderma (UK) Limited

Partner Portal

Alloga UK's Partner Portal provides an unparalleled immediacy, accuracy and completeness of stocks and orders information with the transparency of track and trace, and extra features to provide access to all data, when clients want it and how they want it.

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Client Integration

Thanks to the use of our market-leading ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) package, integration has never been quicker or easier. From full service (order to cash), we have the capabilities to build the necessary interfaces and documents to get clients on their way.

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Alloga UK’s ‘Consignit’ package is designed for clients wanting only an MHRA-approved delivery solution from us. A fast-paced world calls for a fast-paced transport solution - a solution that we call Consignit. Our software helps clients get deliveries of all sizes from A to B as quickly as possible without the need for warehousing. Our software is completely web-based therefore all that's needed is a browser and a printer.

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