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Since our formation in 1996, Alloga UK has acquired significant implementation experience, in all market sectors of the healthcare industry. After 21* years of client integrations, with an extensive list of over a 135** clients, our team know and understand the potential implementation pitfalls involved and successfully guide new clients through our tried and tested processes.

Whether a global organisation or a new business start-up, our implementation processes adhere to the same high quality standards. With defined kick-off meetings and process-mapped implementation plans, we will ensure all aspects of the clients business are taken into account. At Alloga UK, the people who will manage the client’s service are the same ones who are involved throughout implementation, so we get to assume responsibility and understand each client's needs very early on.

“I wanted to congratulate you on what for me has been the most seamless implementation I have been associated with. The Go-live was deafeningly quiet!”

EUCan I Regional Logistics Operations Lead

Our exceptional in-house IT team offer second-to-none system integration, able to create interfaces between any system and our own. Prior to going live, our team offer thorough training and explanations on how clients can get the most out of Alloga UK's industry-leading Partner Portal.

“The Alloga UK team guided us through the whole set up process and their IT team made the integration of our Sage system to their warehousing system a success even when they were up against a tight schedule. Since going live with Alloga UK, MASTA has seen a significant improvement in the delivery service and stock control; the Alloga UK Portal saves hours and is very user friendly.”

Supply Chain Manager

Right through the process, our comprehensive plans and schedules will track all action progress, measure the potential risks, and ensure they are mitigated. Collaborating with clients via regular project meetings, our in-depth processes are designed to be the basis of positive long-term relationships.

Alloga UK:

  • Is experienced in servicing all sector implementations
  • Know and understand potential implementation pit falls
  • Have proven implementation processes driven by healthcare logistics experts
  • Have expert in-house IT development and support
  • Have experienced staff deployed to assist your transition to Alloga UK
  • Have defined client implementation roles

System Integration

For over half a decade, our market-leading middleware package has allowed us the capacity to collaborate with our clients on developments, no matter the complexity.



Our system can receive and send data using the following international standards:

  • XML
  • Fixed files
  • Delimited files
  • X12 EDI
  • Tradacoms EDI


We support a wide range of communication methods to send and receive orders, stock, invoices, and much more. The methods we support are:

  • VAN
  • Http(s)
  • AS2
  • FTP(s)
  • SFTP
  • SMTP


Our client’s data is important to us. With security in mind; clients can encrypt data up to AES 256 bit.


We are automatically notified of any errors, enabling us to resolve any conflicts quickly, which allows us to manage interfaced data efficiently.



We understand that things like customised despatch notes can be very important in order to pass on information to the customer, or simply to reinforce a brand. With this in mind, we have the ability and experience to create customised despatch documentation, or even customised email notifications for customers, to ensure your customers know whose products are being supplied.

*, **. True as of 02/01/2018