Sample order fulfilment

created the Alloga Sample App (SA) with an aim of providing reps with a simplified method of taking orders, ensuring that the right data is quickly captured from the healthcare professional (HCP). The app supports sample traceability, including cost controls and volume limits per reps and site, also increasing the speed of order fulfilment.

“I like the accuracy and transparancy of Alloga's Sampling App provides. Being able to go straight into Partner Portal to get the information we require is a huge bonus for the team.”

Head of Sales
Dermatology UK & IE
LEO Pharma UK


Within this app, clients can track existing orders and also create new ones. Each rep is prompted about their remaining quota allowance when creating a new order so they can track their sample spend. Reps can only order samples to recognised institutions, by either searching institution name or ID, post code or location address.

The rep then adds each item and quantity to their sample order for that institution. Clients are able to set variable quotas per product, per rep, controlling their ordering per institution. Once the order is made, the rep will then be re-informed of the value of their order and their remaining monthly quota allowance.

Finally, the HCP must provide his ⁄ her signature onto the hand held device, and this is then collected by the sample app and the order authorised. This signature confirms the HCP has requested the ordered samples for patient initiation⁄ education purposes within their hospital or practice and understand that the samples cannot be sold or otherwise misused.



Legislation changes meant reps were no longer allowed to freely carry samples to Hospitals themselves, products must be distributed through a fully controlled and recorded supply chain to guarantee the product sample hasn’t been tainted in anyway.

The concept of the sampling app was to avoid using a paper based system due to inevitable delays and loss of control. Alloga wanted to have a water-tight method of delivering customer samples whilst ensuring client reps were not required to handle the sample delivery themselves.

The Case study is available to read