Alloga UK Solutions

Alloga UK is able to offer clients an extensive range of supply chain solutions. These solutions offer our clients much more than the standard storage and distribution services offered by ordinary logistics providers.

Core services
  • Third party logistics (3PL)
  • Full service
  • Transport-only
Additional services
  • Contract-packing
  • Technical services (quality)
  • Sample solutions

Core services

Third party logistics

Alloga UK’s third party logistics (3PL) is an integrated warehousing order-processing and distribution service that can be scaled and customised to our clients' needs, based on market conditions and service requirements.

Clients retain control over the interactions with their customers, while entrusting Alloga UK to safeguard stock, process orders and fulfil deliveries to agreed specifications.

Interface suites are written by our in-house IT team, in conjunction with client teams, to manage all communications, supported by our advanced Partner Portal, which allows our clients access to key management information on a near-real time basis. Partner Portal gives the client total supply chain management - while Alloga UK takes responsibility for the stock, the control always remains with the client.

Alloga UK’s 3PL service stands above the rest because, along with excellent core competencies in leading inventory accuracy for storage and full UK distribution, with consistent delivery on time, we also offer extensive KPI reporting and support clients with experienced Contract Managers who understand the complexities of the healthcare market and know what it takes to deliver the correct service to your customers. Openness, accuracy and immediacy of information have been key to the growth of our client base.

Full service

Alloga UK’s full service solution goes above and beyond a typical ‘order to cash’ service, and includes:

  • Customer order received
  • Order entry (creation of order / booking of order)
  • Order fulfilment
  • Distribution
  • Invoicing
  • Customer payments / collection
  • Customer payments transferred to the client on agreed set date monthly

As well as handling storage and distribution, in Alloga UK also take responsibility for managing orders, customer service, and cash and debt collection in a full supply chain solution.

For our clients, the all-important aspects of ‘right to buy’, price and quotas remain under your control. We manage your customers and their orders by the rules set by you, the client.

Full service overview

Alloga UK receives customer orders via different methods, such as telephone, fax, internet, email, EDI, Medecator, and Powergate. The orders are booked on and scheduled, then fulfilled through proof of delivery (PoD)-acknowledged deliveries. On completion, an order invoice is generated. If payment has not been received, the debt is recorded and pursued through Dunning cycles. Alloga UK will chase invoice payments until the funds are received. With the size of our sales ledger, whether client’s customers have paid Alloga UK or not, we will always pay our clients on time, guaranteeing their cash flow is protected.

Why Full Service?

Transport-only services

For our transport-only service, we use our own vehicle fleet to distribute across our UK network directly into customers. MHRA-approved, we carry out our distribution following GDP (Good Distribution Practice) standards.

Our transport-only service involves collecting loads from client’s facilities or the manufacturer, then returning goods to our distribution centre, consigning and labelling stock, and then trunking goods out across the UK to be delivered via our fleet of articulated lorries and vans to meet client requirements.

Alloga UK provides a transport-only service that offers real convenience and efficiency for the client. Using a specially-written, in-house developed, software system called ‘Consignit’, we have created a transport service solution that enables clients to book collections and deliveries, to label their consignments and communicate all necessary details to us so that we can fulfil those deliveries. Alloga UK is highly experienced in delivering directly into pharmacies, hospitals, wholesalers, retailers, animal health wholesalers, veterinaries, dispensing doctors and clinics.

How we can help
  • Fully-approved MHRA logistics provider
  • Distribution following GDP regulations
  • Active temperature controlled ambient 15-25°c and chilled 2-8°c transportation available
  • Delivering parcels and pallets
  • Full track and trace portal with live updates on progress throughout transit
  • Signed PoDs available within 2-5 minutes of delivery on our fleet
  • Collection for delivery next day
Full order tracking
  • From receipt of order to point of delivery
  • Including progress status updates
  • Packing list visibility for customers and clients
  • ETA’s throughout the delivery cycle
  • Temperature-controlled transportation
  • Temperature monitoring of ambient-controlled and cold chain compartments
  • Geo fence status updates
  • Printable electronic PoD copies
  • Delivery discrepancy reporting