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Sample Ordering

Sample Ordering

Quickly and easily order pharmaceutical samples with Alloga’s app.

A Complete Sample Ordering Solution

The Alloga Sample App Solution offers a simplified way for representatives to order samples for Health Care Professionals (HCP). The App captures the HCP’s order and authorisation; whilst providing sample traceability during fulfillment, volume limits per representative and site.

A Complete Sample Ordering Solution

Simplicity & Flexibility

Cost effective, quick and easy to use; representatives no longer need to input orders using timely paper based documents; making representatives more efficient in sample ordering. The App is downloadable to any smart device.

Safety & Reliability

Samples are stored and delivered following GDP guidelines ensuring products remain safe and effective. Sample volumes can be controlled by representative or per institution preventing over spending.

Safety & Reliability

Our Process

Step 1 Representative creates order


The representative creates the order via the App, that order is then confirmed by the HCP’s signature onto a phone or tablet.

Step 2 Delivery to Hospital


Each order is sent directly to Alloga to be processed and delivered to the hospital or clinic the following day.

Step 3 Quality Controls


Each order received via the App follows the same quality controls and procedures as a standard order, any temperature controls required are used, and the product handled to regulatory guidelines.