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Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment

Alloga provides fast order fulfillment for healthcare products. We ensure that your orders are received, processed, and delivered to end customers quickly and efficiently.

Robust Systems

Alloga's Warehouse Management System (WMS) is compliant with the latest industry standards and can meet all healthcare fulfillment requirements, regardless of the client order profile.

Robust Systems

Flexibility & Validation

The fully validated system offers high levels of flexibility, supporting various product groups, order types, quantities (single units to full pallets) and temperature controls.

Order Fulfillment

Step 1 Order Received


Orders are received via interface from your system into ours, or through Partner Portal. For Full Service Alloga receive your customer orders direct.

Step 2 Order to Warehouse


After your order arrives, the order is checked. Once approved, the order is submitted for processing, as each order line is picked the product is scanned to ensure the correct item has been picked.

Step 3 Deliver to Customer


Once the order has been picked and packed it's then delivered to the customer in line with agreed delivery lead times.