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Pharmaceutical Warehousing

Pharmaceutical Warehousing

Alloga offers storage facilities for various pharmaceutical products, including ambient-controlled and cold chain goods. Alloga has Wholesale Distribution Authorisation for Human and Veterinary Medical Products.

Storage Capability

Alloga has an extensive range of multi-temperature facilities, ensuring that we can provide comprehensive logistics solutions. Temperature conditions include 15-25°C ambient controlled, refrigerated 2-8°C, frozen -20°C, and cryogenic -196°C. 

Storage Capability

Supporting Product Requirements

Alloga’s warehouse facilities offer validated active temperature controlled transportation or passive validated packaging, securing pharmaceutical product temperatures based on distribution models or product requirements.

Pharmaceutical Warehousing
Warehousing space in Europe

1,412,000+ sq ft

1.41 million ft2 of warehousing space across our warehouse campus

units processed per day


Over 6 million units processed per day

2,450+ pallets delivered per day


Over 3,050 pallets delivered per day

6,000+ parcels delivered per day


Over 5,460 parcels delivered per day

Warehousing & Visibility

Step 1 GMP Compliant


Alloga is regulatory approved and GDP compliant.

Step 2 Stock Visibility


Through the Alloga Partner Portal clients retain full visibility of stock.

Step 3 Remote Real Time Updates


Using Partner Portal clients can manage their stock at our facilities, receiving near real-time updates.

Step 4 Get in Touch


Get in touch with our dedicated team to get started.